un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur

Rubik's planet

There was a planetoid, a rather small-scaled one (I could zoom out and see the whole planet while still seeing a reasonable amount of detail), on which many bodyswaps, transformations and brainwashings were taking place. There were controls which could be manipulated that swiveled and rotated the world in slices like a much more complex version of a rubix's cube. When the world was rearranged, many things on the planet would get spliced together in a different way, and not only the landscape. Time froze as the planet rearranged things. Sometimes other unpredictable transformations or bodyswaps would occur. Usually the planet was being manipulated under a reasonable degree of control, but as the dream was ending, the rotation and swiveling sped up an incredible amount in one last transformation, scrambling the planet to a hopeless degree of chaos. There were 7-9 people stuck together with the same head, their bodies in a circle around it, the upper bodies with their feet stuck up into the air, and another person ended up with but a single monkey doll's head with no body.
Tags: planetoid, transformation
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