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I seem to wake up much more often than what I used to these days (usually every 1-3 hours) which gives me a great deal of remembered dreams but makes it rather difficult to sleep, especially if I am trying to cram sleep into a specific time period (right before work). There is certainly a neverending amount of apocalyptic zombie wastelands of late, with survivors trying to find places to safe places to stay the night and sleep. So I spend a lot of time dreaming about trying to sleep in worlds filled with zombies everywhere and a lack of shelter. REM sleep certainly seems to occur incredibly quickly with me, since I can fall asleep for 15 minutes to an hour and wake up remembering rather complex dreams. Wikipedia says "REM sleep can occur within about 90 minutes of falling asleep, but in people with a sleep onset REM period, it may be as little as 15-25 minutes; this is considered a sign of narcolepsy.". I'm not the hypochrondiac type, but I do have an awful lot of the symptoms of narcolepsy, which I think get exacerbated by periods of being extremely bored at work. It's sort of random when I feel sleepy, and there would be no problem with that if it wasn't that I had to adhere closely to a schedule of when the rest of the western world wants to get work done.

I had one particularly interesting dream that stands out from the zombie survival in that the antagonists were replaced with vaguely terrorist/pirate folk with laser weaponry. I had a couple of very useful devices thought up on the spot which I then found in my hands. It was impossible to have the terror-pirates caught in their various illegal activities because they had scattered tiny webcams across town, so they always saw the cops coming ahead of time and they either left or simply ceased their illegal activities so they couldn't be arrested. I was trying to cut down on the terror-pirate problem by removing the tiny webcams they had put into various hard-to-reach, hard-to-spot places. I got a vacuum-gun which sucked them up from the various places that I couldn't reach and destroyed them. They were still very hard to find, and I was wishing that the vacuum-gun had a way to track the webcams by radar, and then, so it did. I continued to track down all the webcams (they appeared to be everywhere, at a high density of dozens and dozens of them in a single square mile) while avoiding retaliation from pirates realizing I was destroying their stuff.

Sometime later I stumbled into the underground terror-pirate HQ, and was hidden for a while, when hundreds of them in a large group all became aware of me at once. Thousands of lasers began to streak across the large, cavernous underground hall towards me and time slowed down as I thought of what to do. I began to slide across the floor at an incredible speed, sliding on my shoes as if they were rollerskates. Where my sliding shoes touched the ground, they left a groove in the floor which a large grey segmented shield grew out of, sort of like the trail of light left by the cyclers in Tron, except of physical construction instead of an energy shield. The blasts directed towards me hit the shield, which consistently appeared where I was a moment before (and stayed there, forming a long snake's tail behind me), the laser blasts heading back towards the pirates creating a sea of energy and light to the side behind me.
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