un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur

Brokeback Fantastic Four

I dreamt I went to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and the Silver Surfer was only on the screen for a while before it started into some kind of Brokeback Mountain-like story. People in the movie theatre started yelling for the movie to be fixed. The guy that was running the projector came down to the front of the theatre and yelled back that there wasn't any problem with the movie and he wouldn't be giving anyone their money back. The audience argued that it was nothing like the Fantastic Four comic books.

There was a new video game was released, but it was simply a pill inside of a case which was extremely addictive and caused hallucinations for 3 months. It wasn't illegal, nor did it need to be approved by the FDA, since it was sold as a video game and not a drug.
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