un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur


I had a dream that I died, but I didn't know it yet.

For a while I was just floating around, propelling myself forwards by my will. It didn't seem like anyone could see me - nobody looked at me even if I floated right over them. Eventually someone did see me, and they looked scared, but I don't think what they actually saw was me, but someone else they had known. They told me that I wasn't invited and they warded me off.

After a while it was back to walking. I was trying to navigate up something like a backwards escalator, but the ground was spongy and bouncy. I think it was originally stairs in something like a movie theater, but as I got closer to the top, it became more tube-like and resisted my climbing. It was too steep at the very end to reach the exit doors at the top - people could only go down, not come up. I noticed a door off to the side and figured I could take a less steep way up from there, but then there was just the nothingness.

My body was gone, as well as everything else, there was just the emptiness. It didn't make any sense that I could still have any thoughts or memories when my brain and body were gone. I called out with my thoughts and there was a girl's voice out there too, floating in the void. She sounded scared. I tried telling a few jokes to break the unease of the situation, hearing my laughter echoing into nothingness, but she didn't find the jokes funny. I asked her what she thought could be up for us next, if this was just an intermission in an endless cycle, if we could be expecting oblivion shortly, or if we were to stay here forever in the void. Eventually she was gone and I wished that I had asked her how long she had just been floating there. The third outcome had been eliminated, and I waited, alone.
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