un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur

The week in dreams

In the future, time travel became widespread, as well as easily acquired technological devices that allowed for godlike powers. Moogles were appointed as time guardians to guard specific places and times and to prevent anyone from the future to go back and mess around in pre-time travel times. However, someone found a small hangout in the year 2200 where they were able to time travel to and messed around with the patrons. By some oversight, someone neglected to post a guardian on that time and location.

I had another dream where I could hop through time and through adjacent alternate realities out of an imagining of tree branches in my mind; where each leaf on the tree represented a different reality determined by the decisions of each individual. I could also select other individuals and bring them through with me, selecting and hopping onto different leaves in the webs of realities, but most places I went were too similar to nearby realities to tell what had changed.

Another dream, I belonged to a vampire clan, and the grand vampire told all the clans that they either had to join together as one or destroy all opposing clans. Humans in the city were mostly wiped out or scarce; the few I saw were scared but didn't try to run away.
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