un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur

Assassin Lohan

Dreamt I decided to sell all of my material possessions, then I put all of my money into the bank and decided I wasn't going to carry around more than ten dollars at once. I put my ATM card into my shoe for whenever I needed to replenish the $10. Then I started hanging out with gangster rappers and we went to a bar.

At the bar, my new gangster rapper friend was randomly shooting rival gangster rappers while pretending to drink instead. He remained inconspicuous for some time, and nobody noticed the rising body count until eventually he just barely missed a rival gangster who called down a gang war upon us. Bullets whizzing past us, we dispersed. The rival gang sent out Lindsay Lohan to assassinate me, and she was able to turn invisible as well as walk on walls. I seemed to survive on luck alone until I woke up at 4 A.M. . . . I decided not to go back to bed.
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