un lapin rêveur (bvnny) wrote,
un lapin rêveur

"There is no life here"

There was a doorway that let to a small area with an abandoned house and a written note was there saying,

"There is no life here . . .
there is no voice."

Inside the house there was a tunnel that led to absolute darkness. I came with a group of about 11 other people to explore the area and they went into the tunnel and seemed to vanish completely. I called after them and waited in the area. The longer I stayed there the harder I found it to speak and was wary of the gaping hole into darkness. It refused to be illuminated by any light source. I was worried that something had gotten those that I came with and might soon be coming up from the hole. Eventually my throat was completely choked and I could not speak at all.

However, some time after I left the area my voice started to return and I thought back to the written warning. I thought that the note had referred to a lack of personality in the area or a desolate look- but then I realized that it was simply literal. Speaking became impossible there, and there was no unseen force that had attacked the others- they had simply entered too deep into an area where life ceased to exist.
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