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Rubik's planet [09 Oct 2008|06:24pm]
There was a planetoid, a rather small-scaled one (I could zoom out and see the whole planet while still seeing a reasonable amount of detail), on which many bodyswaps, transformations and brainwashings were taking place. There were controls which could be manipulated that swiveled and rotated the world in slices like a much more complex version of a rubix's cube. When the world was rearranged, many things on the planet would get spliced together in a different way, and not only the landscape. Time froze as the planet rearranged things. Sometimes other unpredictable transformations or bodyswaps would occur. Usually the planet was being manipulated under a reasonable degree of control, but as the dream was ending, the rotation and swiveling sped up an incredible amount in one last transformation, scrambling the planet to a hopeless degree of chaos. There were 7-9 people stuck together with the same head, their bodies in a circle around it, the upper bodies with their feet stuck up into the air, and another person ended up with but a single monkey doll's head with no body.
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Reflectoshield trail [04 Oct 2008|07:48pm]
I seem to wake up much more often than what I used to these days (usually every 1-3 hours) which gives me a great deal of remembered dreams but makes it rather difficult to sleep, especially if I am trying to cram sleep into a specific time period (right before work). There is certainly a neverending amount of apocalyptic zombie wastelands of late, with survivors trying to find places to safe places to stay the night and sleep. So I spend a lot of time dreaming about trying to sleep in worlds filled with zombies everywhere and a lack of shelter. REM sleep certainly seems to occur incredibly quickly with me, since I can fall asleep for 15 minutes to an hour and wake up remembering rather complex dreams. Wikipedia says "REM sleep can occur within about 90 minutes of falling asleep, but in people with a sleep onset REM period, it may be as little as 15-25 minutes; this is considered a sign of narcolepsy.". I'm not the hypochrondiac type, but I do have an awful lot of the symptoms of narcolepsy, which I think get exacerbated by periods of being extremely bored at work. It's sort of random when I feel sleepy, and there would be no problem with that if it wasn't that I had to adhere closely to a schedule of when the rest of the western world wants to get work done.

I had one particularly interesting dream that stands out from the zombie survival in that the antagonists were replaced with vaguely terrorist/pirate folk with laser weaponry. I had a couple of very useful devices thought up on the spot which I then found in my hands. It was impossible to have the terror-pirates caught in their various illegal activities because they had scattered tiny webcams across town, so they always saw the cops coming ahead of time and they either left or simply ceased their illegal activities so they couldn't be arrested. I was trying to cut down on the terror-pirate problem by removing the tiny webcams they had put into various hard-to-reach, hard-to-spot places. I got a vacuum-gun which sucked them up from the various places that I couldn't reach and destroyed them. They were still very hard to find, and I was wishing that the vacuum-gun had a way to track the webcams by radar, and then, so it did. I continued to track down all the webcams (they appeared to be everywhere, at a high density of dozens and dozens of them in a single square mile) while avoiding retaliation from pirates realizing I was destroying their stuff.

Sometime later I stumbled into the underground terror-pirate HQ, and was hidden for a while, when hundreds of them in a large group all became aware of me at once. Thousands of lasers began to streak across the large, cavernous underground hall towards me and time slowed down as I thought of what to do. I began to slide across the floor at an incredible speed, sliding on my shoes as if they were rollerskates. Where my sliding shoes touched the ground, they left a groove in the floor which a large grey segmented shield grew out of, sort of like the trail of light left by the cyclers in Tron, except of physical construction instead of an energy shield. The blasts directed towards me hit the shield, which consistently appeared where I was a moment before (and stayed there, forming a long snake's tail behind me), the laser blasts heading back towards the pirates creating a sea of energy and light to the side behind me.
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Fantasticus [09 Sep 2008|09:30pm]
I had a robot dog named Fantasticus.

Somehow I got entered into a competition for pianists. I'm not that good at playing the piano, since I'm more of a composer / sequencer user. I think about what I could possibly do to impress the group of people watching. The first up to go is a woman in a dress that's cut on the side so as to show off her upper leg, close to the hip. She effortlessly plays a complex classical piece; it sounds like Mozart. She's not facing the piano and she's only using one of her hands. The other hand she's using to sip red wine (it's probably Merlot) out of an elegant wine glass. Her hand is bent around in an awkward position, it instantly teleports from one side of the piano to another. I'm not sure what I can follow up with that won't result in people laughing at me. Rhett Butler nods to me at the side of the piano bench I'm on, as to say "Don't worry, I've got this." I'm not sure if he's my double, or I'm him, or he's me, or I'm his imaginary friend or he's mine.

I found the wallpaper file (for this journal) and brought it back!
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Saving Leonardo [26 Aug 2008|07:59pm]
I built or acquired a time machine some other way and used it to go save Leonardo DiCaprio from dying in the Titanic, and brought him back to present time, since I could do so without interfering with the present timeline. He didn't want to come with me at first because I wouldn't bring Rose along (since that would mess up the timeline). But eventually he decided coming along with me was better than death, and we went on adventures.

I need to update more often, even if I don't have time to go into detail.
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Brokeback Fantastic Four [08 Feb 2007|07:24pm]
I dreamt I went to see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and the Silver Surfer was only on the screen for a while before it started into some kind of Brokeback Mountain-like story. People in the movie theatre started yelling for the movie to be fixed. The guy that was running the projector came down to the front of the theatre and yelled back that there wasn't any problem with the movie and he wouldn't be giving anyone their money back. The audience argued that it was nothing like the Fantastic Four comic books.

There was a new video game was released, but it was simply a pill inside of a case which was extremely addictive and caused hallucinations for 3 months. It wasn't illegal, nor did it need to be approved by the FDA, since it was sold as a video game and not a drug.
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Afterlife [23 Aug 2006|05:20am]
I had a dream that I died, but I didn't know it yet.

For a while I was just floating around, propelling myself forwards by my will. It didn't seem like anyone could see me - nobody looked at me even if I floated right over them. Eventually someone did see me, and they looked scared, but I don't think what they actually saw was me, but someone else they had known. They told me that I wasn't invited and they warded me off.

After a while it was back to walking. I was trying to navigate up something like a backwards escalator, but the ground was spongy and bouncy. I think it was originally stairs in something like a movie theater, but as I got closer to the top, it became more tube-like and resisted my climbing. It was too steep at the very end to reach the exit doors at the top - people could only go down, not come up. I noticed a door off to the side and figured I could take a less steep way up from there, but then there was just the nothingness.

My body was gone, as well as everything else, there was just the emptiness. It didn't make any sense that I could still have any thoughts or memories when my brain and body were gone. I called out with my thoughts and there was a girl's voice out there too, floating in the void. She sounded scared. I tried telling a few jokes to break the unease of the situation, hearing my laughter echoing into nothingness, but she didn't find the jokes funny. I asked her what she thought could be up for us next, if this was just an intermission in an endless cycle, if we could be expecting oblivion shortly, or if we were to stay here forever in the void. Eventually she was gone and I wished that I had asked her how long she had just been floating there. The third outcome had been eliminated, and I waited, alone.
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The week in dreams [14 Jan 2006|09:59pm]
In the future, time travel became widespread, as well as easily acquired technological devices that allowed for godlike powers. Moogles were appointed as time guardians to guard specific places and times and to prevent anyone from the future to go back and mess around in pre-time travel times. However, someone found a small hangout in the year 2200 where they were able to time travel to and messed around with the patrons. By some oversight, someone neglected to post a guardian on that time and location.

I had another dream where I could hop through time and through adjacent alternate realities out of an imagining of tree branches in my mind; where each leaf on the tree represented a different reality determined by the decisions of each individual. I could also select other individuals and bring them through with me, selecting and hopping onto different leaves in the webs of realities, but most places I went were too similar to nearby realities to tell what had changed.

Another dream, I belonged to a vampire clan, and the grand vampire told all the clans that they either had to join together as one or destroy all opposing clans. Humans in the city were mostly wiped out or scarce; the few I saw were scared but didn't try to run away.
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SUV-only parking lots [25 Dec 2005|07:12am]
I went to mall, but all of the best spots were for SUVs, trucks or vans only. I had to park in the regular car parking lot, which was furthest away and only a raft on top of a lake. When I came back out of the mall, my car was missing; it seemed like the raft had tipped over and all of the regular cars fell into the lake. I thought to myself that, next time I come to the mall, I should probably park in the SUV parking lot instead and risk getting a ticket.
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Gold [17 Dec 2005|08:09am]
Flash video: Glitter N Gold
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Like a dream [16 Sep 2005|11:30pm]
I got a copy of flash today and made this mini-fanimutation.
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Assassin Lohan [01 Sep 2005|07:56pm]
Dreamt I decided to sell all of my material possessions, then I put all of my money into the bank and decided I wasn't going to carry around more than ten dollars at once. I put my ATM card into my shoe for whenever I needed to replenish the $10. Then I started hanging out with gangster rappers and we went to a bar.

At the bar, my new gangster rapper friend was randomly shooting rival gangster rappers while pretending to drink instead. He remained inconspicuous for some time, and nobody noticed the rising body count until eventually he just barely missed a rival gangster who called down a gang war upon us. Bullets whizzing past us, we dispersed. The rival gang sent out Lindsay Lohan to assassinate me, and she was able to turn invisible as well as walk on walls. I seemed to survive on luck alone until I woke up at 4 A.M. . . . I decided not to go back to bed.
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"There is no life here" [11 Aug 2005|05:44am]
There was a doorway that let to a small area with an abandoned house and a written note was there saying,

"There is no life here . . .
there is no voice."

Inside the house there was a tunnel that led to absolute darkness. I came with a group of about 11 other people to explore the area and they went into the tunnel and seemed to vanish completely. I called after them and waited in the area. The longer I stayed there the harder I found it to speak and was wary of the gaping hole into darkness. It refused to be illuminated by any light source. I was worried that something had gotten those that I came with and might soon be coming up from the hole. Eventually my throat was completely choked and I could not speak at all.

However, some time after I left the area my voice started to return and I thought back to the written warning. I thought that the note had referred to a lack of personality in the area or a desolate look- but then I realized that it was simply literal. Speaking became impossible there, and there was no unseen force that had attacked the others- they had simply entered too deep into an area where life ceased to exist.
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MD [13 Jun 2005|12:51am]
I was waiting in a doctor's office when a nurse walked in and handed me some plastic bags containing human organs, telling me that they had just removed them from my body. I looked at my digestive system wrapped up in nothing more but thin plastic bags, and wondered what would happen if I tried to eat something with no stomach.
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Ultimate Chuck E. Cheese [11 Jun 2005|09:32am]
I was exploring my backyard, which had enlarged drastically. Farmland had appeared in my southwestern neighbor's backyard, and if I stood on an odd patch of grass near the back of the yard, the farmland seemed to be slanted upwards at a 45 degree angle, going on nearly forever into the sky. I was tempted to go exploring in that direction, but I was afraid of trespassing on my neighbor's property.

Northeast of the backyard, an area had been transformed into a recreational area for prisoners. I recognized many people I went to high school with here walking around socializing in their prisoner uniforms. There was a canal system with walkways, bridges, benches and gazebos. I'm not sure how they were prevented from escaping, but I think it was by invisible governmental force fields. Climbing up from this area, I found myself in some sort of atrium that seemed to be part of some sort of ultimate Chuck E. Cheese. I won a portable rocket at a game there, which, in tandem with an umbrella, allowed me to fly around like a superhero by holding the rocket in my right hand and my umbrella in the left. I flew out of the sky window and over a carnival where I saw many games and rides, and eventually I landed at the arcade complex.

There were four floors of arcade games, which I explored in detail. The arcade was full of people playing games, which all seemed to be college age or older, I didn't notice any kids here, or anywhere in the dream. I couldn't figure out why I had never seen or heard of any of the arcade games before, and wanted to remember some so I could look up the MAME versions when I got back. There was a Legend of Zelda that was made specifically for the arcade, and I figured that it would probably take an amazing amount of quarters to get through. On the fourth floor, a friend of mine appeared and told me that I really had to check out what was on the other side of some particular large doors.

Beyond the doors was a massive room with four stages on each side. We came in on the rightmost corner of the room. Gigantic muppets and other animatronic creatures appeared (although they seemed more real than animatronic) and began dancing and singing. I recognized Animal and Fozzie Bear, but no Chuck E. Cheese. The largest of them were about 30 feet tall. They were either singing "Everyone has AIDS" from the Team America movie, or a song that was very similar to it.
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[07 Jun 2005|06:36am]
Someone berated me for not having a WiFi card, and because I didn't have one we had to go to a docking station. I noticed a slimy pink bubbly substance growing on the back of the sofa there, where people had extinguished their erasers (like extinguishing a cigarette). This was eraser substance that had grown out of control. I noticed it seemed to be shifting around, that the eraser compound was composed heavily of small pink bugs, and it was explained to me that this is how erasers work, these small pink bugs, which seemed somewhat like ticks in size in shape, maybe with more legs, cover data and delete it. However, the eraser bugs had gotten out of control in this case and were developing colonies on the back of the sofa.
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[02 Jun 2005|07:38pm]
Had a dream where there was no actual outside; you could only walk from one room to the next, everything was indoors. Aki was afraid of some killer wandering in the outer rooms. I told her there was nothing to be worried about because I could easily protect her with my super powers. This dream caused me to consider a world with no roads, where buildings, all interconnected, covered every last square inch.
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Sushi envelope [26 May 2005|07:12am]
I went to a sushi bar where you had to choose your sushi then pay before receiving it. After waiting, you were given your sushi in a large, taped-shut envelope, along with your change. The sushi bar was too busy to walk inside, so I waited out in the parking lot, which was completely full of cars. I also remember beating up muggers with telekinetic punches.
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Egg dream [13 May 2005|07:18am]
Someone was explaining women's health issues to me . . . they explained it was important that women regularly remove the eggs from their uterus- they demonstrated this producing two white, oval-shaped eggs which looked exactly like chicken eggs- burn the inside contents of the eggs, and place them back inside.
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Threadeyes [06 May 2005|09:08pm]
Had a dream where I had thread coming out of my eyes, about a hair's width, and there were heavy weights at the end of the thread so that if I dropped them, my eyes would fall out, and I couldn't stuff the thread back into my eyes. There was some kid that received a quest to pick up a book off of a rock at the top of a waterfall, however that sector of the universe was corrupted data. The kid, however, found a way to get past the error message and pick up the book anyways. His competitor in the quest attacked him and the kid defeated him, uprooting his spine. The quest giver then attacked the kid, the kid defeated him as well. His muscles tensed up and expanded in the shape of intestines, turning him into a monster.
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Train tracks [13 Apr 2005|11:56pm]
My car wheel got stuck underneath a train track, so I was forced to drive on the railroad. I shook the steering wheel to try and get my tire loose. The train tracks had curvy shapes and sometimes Xs, as if the train would have to invert upon itself. A train came along heading straight towards me and drove off the tracks to avoid hitting me and hit 3 other cars to my left.
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